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The HRCR Championship


The HRCR Rounds

Sat 1st March                               Tour of Cheshire

Knutsford & District MC


Sun 23rd March                     North Yorkshire Classic

York MC                            


Sun 13th April                         Ilkley Jubilee Historic Rally Ilkley & District MC              


Sat 10th May                          Leukaemia Historic Rally

Ecurie Cymraeg


Sun 1st June                                    Hughes Rally

Blackpalfrey MC of Kent


Sat 21st June                                East Anglian Classic

Chelmsford MC                


Sat 19th July                              Ross Traders Historic Tour Ross & District Motor Sports


Sun 3rd Aug                               St Wilfrids Classic

Ripon MSC               


Sat 6th Sept                              Vale of Clwyd Classic

Clwyd Vale MC                    


Sat 4th Oct                              Throckmorton Challenge



Sat 25th Oct                                       Regis Rally

Bognor Regis MC              


Reserve Sat 19th Oct            Gold Leaf Historic Rally



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