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About Us

We are The Whyte Sisters, Seren and Elise.  We are the youngest all female, historic endurance rallying crew. We started rallying in 2012 with an event called LeJog, which is regarded as the toughest event in Europe and runs from Lands End to John O Groats. We raised money for the Pink Ribbon Foundation and our only goal was to reach the finish. It was a baptism of fire but we instantly fell in love with the challenge. You can watch the trailer for LeJog now . 

The reason we started rallying in the first place was through our dad, he used to enter rallies as a driver when we were very little and so we were subjected to the marshal boards and early mornings from a young age.  We started out as Marshals in 2009 but have always craved driving experience, so when someone suggested we have a go we jumped at the chance. 

Now we compete to prove women can do it too, as it is definitely a male dominated sport, and also to encourage other people our age to have a go because it is awesome. Driving a classic car is a skill in itself and a complete work out, because you don't have modern gizmos and technology like power assisted steering, it takes everything  just to turn a corner. 


We drive any cars we can get our hands on, we began by hiring different classic cars from the 1964 Mini Cooper S to the 1972 BMW 1602 and the 1934 Austin 7. In 2018 we bought our first classic car, a 1957 Standard 10 whom we've named Stanley and the most recent addition to the family is Dutty a 1983 Datsun Stanza.




What are our best rally results to date?

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