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The TR4

One of our favourite drives has to be the 1964 Triumph TR4. Another of HERO's Arrive and Drive Fleet, added in March 2012 the vehicle has gone through extensive rally preparation adding full roll cage, period sports bucket seats, Motolita sports steering wheel, alloy wheels, rally spec gearbox and clutch amongst work completed by one of the HERO Partners TR Enterprises. Car comes with a Surrey hardtop and sounds absolutely wonderful with the sports exhaust and twin Weber carburettors. It is fast becoming a favourite of the HERO Fleet.

1964 Triumph TR4
finished in black
 twin Weber carburettors

History of Model

Introduced in 1961, Triumph continued their tradition of rugged traditional sports cars with the TR4. With its 2 litre engine and a 4 speed transmission which was offered with an overdrive on 3rd and 4th gear, the TR4 offered a perfect blend of good performance and reliability. In 1965, the TR4A was launched, with independent rear suspension, which sharpened the handling of the vehicle.Styled by the Italian designer Michelotti, the cars design with its removable roof panel was a novel idea, which predated the Porsche “targa” top by 5 years and allowed for structural rigidity and weather proofing, with an open air feel.The TR4 was extensively raced in period. In Europe the factory itself provided “works racer” and in America an organisation called Group 44 raced modified TR4’s at Sebring and other courses. Throughout the 60’s many TR4’s were involved in racing at Le Mans and other European races.

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