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2015 Rallying 


2015 saw us classed as Experts in the HRCR championship. This comprimised of nine National B rounds and again we took the TR4 to the road. The rounds of HRCR champioship were: 



  • Tour of Cheshire, March 7

  • North Yorkshire Classic, March 29

  • Ilkley Jubilee, April 12

  • Leukaemia, May 16

  • Hughes, May 31

  • East Anglian Classic, June 20

  • Ross Traders, July 18

  • St Wilfrids, August 9

  • Vale of Clwyd Classic, Sept 5







Endurance Events.


Seren ventured into navigating on the Poppy Rally for the first time and we both took part on the 1000 Mile Trial in the Austin 7. 


Poppy Rally 20th- 22nd March


The Poppy Rally gave us both the opportunity to navigate and compete against each other. Seren, having not navigated, was thrown into the deep end. Find out how we both managed to follow the maps and keep our drivers on the correct route. 





1000 Mile trial 13th- 18th July


A few mechanical problems early on in the rally saw us drop right down the results table, however the little Austin did us proud as it kept going (thanks to all the mechanics) and we finished 22nd Overall and 2nd in class, with the prestige of being the smallest engine to complete the rally.





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